Power and Energy

Knowledge Matrix leverages its decade of experience and expertise in Power and Energy industry to help our clients improve their business processes, operational processes, including resource management, finance activities, and management reporting. One of the major differences between Power and Energy industry and other industries is the way it operates. Unlike other industries, the complexity lies in its core right from managing raw material to producing energy.

Power and Energy industry requires the below systems in place in order to operate efficiently:

  • An effective supply chain management (SCM) application that would optimize critical operational processes.
  • A system to overcome lack of transparency and inconsistent communication between departments.
  • Monitoring system and report generation to keep track of the production levels.
  • Automated accounting system, Dashboard and alert management.

Knowledge Matrix partners with such companies to help them maximize their return on investment and further escalate the technology adoption within the industry. We have developed ERP software which has been specially customized for Power and Energy industry to address the industry pain points, web portals, websites, etc. for our esteemed global clients in this particular industry.