Custom software solutions

Knowledge Matrix offers a range of services to clients representing different industries worldwide. Customers come to Knowledge Matrix when they realize that no packaged software in the market includes every function they need. So we have adopted solution oriented approach for our customers. Our team of techno professional experts helps in finding exact solutions for specific requirements and thus all specifications are taken in consideration during custom software development.

Knowledge Matrix have helped to create rich web-based enterprise applications including ERP systems, when measured through business metrics, have offered our customers a superior ROI and greater visibility of their products/business. The implementation of custom web applications includes elements such as CMS, scalable database, communication portal, an interactive function, an information management module, or a unique feature for proprietary use. These software solutions not only help businesses optimize their processes but also bring in more transparency between the organization and their customers.

See below what tailored solutions we have developed for a variety of businesses.

  • Custom Mobile applications on HTML5
  • Distributed applications
  • Windows and Unix applications
  • Client/server applications
  • Desktop applications
  • ERP solutions (we can simply build modules that serve a specific function within the organization)