Application re-engineering

The whole idea of adapting technology is only for the sole reason i.e. success of your business. And thus staying outdated or not upgrading to newer technologies will hamper success rate. Application re-engineering involves reconfiguring, source application portfolio analysis upgrading, expanding existing applications and technology assets in order to enhance current features, add modules, migrate to newer technologies, etc.

Our team of subject matter experts and developers will help you with software re-engineering and optimization. They understand the challenges in legacy applications and re-use components and tools (if any) for the new applications, at the same time retaining the basic foundation of existing system, thus reducing high maintenance cost borne by legacy systems. Application Support & Maintenance is done through efficient teamwork and communication with faster response to changes in client’s needs.

To see how we have re-engineered applications for a variety of growing companies. If you would like to find out more about the software re-engineering and optimization services that Knowledge Matrix can provide, contact us.